City Navigator® Morocco NT, microSD/SD card

CN Morocco NT, Micro SD/SD

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R 1,799

Garmin CN Morocco NT microSD/SD card
Navigate the streets of Morocco with confidence. This product provides detailed road maps and points of interest for your compatible device, so you can navigate with exact, turn-by-turn directions to any address or intersection. Route to restaurants, gas stations, lodging, attractions and more.

- Includes more than 74,000 km (46,000 mi) of roads, including motorways, national and regional thoroughfares and local roads, in Morocco.
- Displays more than 41,000 points of interest throughout the country, including restaurants, lodging, attractions, petrol stations, shopping and more.
- Gives turn-by-turn directions on your compatible device.
- Speaks street names (example: "Turn right on Main Street")
- Includes navigational features, such as turn restrictions, roundabout guidance, speed categories and more.
- Contains traffic data for compatible devices that use traffic receivers