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It is essential that children’s vulnerable ears are optimally protected from excess ambient noise. Pluggies Kids earplugs have been specifically designed to dampen loud noise and music. The soft, comfortable earplugs are durable and can be used for various purposes. Pluggies Kids earplugs are suitable for children in the age group of five – twelve years.

  • Earplugs for Children

    Children run and play, have the best fun ever and make a whole lot of noise doing it. In swimming pools and during physical education classes, for example, children get over excited and noise can reverberate in every direction, sometimes that noise can be just a little bit too much for their little ears. Children's ears are more sensitive to extremely loud noises than adult ears. In some cases there can even be hyperacusis, which is very high sensitivity to noise. Children with this condition can experience physical pain if the noise is too loud for them. Children who are extremely sensitive to loud noise often have concentration problems and can suffer from chronic fatigue.

    In School

    Lack of concentration in the classroom is often diagnosed as ADHD, with more and more cases appearing, they are often also mis-diagnosed as the easy answer to lack of concentration. More often that not, the childrens ability to concentrate is due to being overstimulated by noise. Pluggies are cool kids earplugs that fit perfectly and comfortably and muffle loud environmental noise. With these earplugs, children can still talk to their classmates as normal and of course can still perfectly hear what the teacher is telling them.

    Aeroplane Trips

    Our Pluggies Kids are made specially for children. They muffle the heavy drone of the aircraft engine. As well as this, they prevent your child from getting an earache when the plane is taking off or landing. Thanks to the clever design of our hearing protection, your child does not experience a sense of being shut off and you can continue to talk with him or her as normal.

    Making Music

    Kids love music and making music. Great fun of course, but excessively loud music can mean long-term damage to the hearing for your child and naturally you want to avoid this.
    With our special Pluggies Kids, your children's ears are properly protected. The hearing protection filters away the harmful sound, but they can continue to hear the music as normal


    Apart from noise, during swimming or showering, children run the risk of painful ear infections from water trapped in the ear canal, more so than adults. Hence, doctors recommend giving children earplugs when they go swimming in order to prevent them for getting ear infections. Our Pluggies Kids ensure you all have a blast in the water. Naturally you child can still hear normally. Our earplugs are designed in such a way that the child does not have the sensation of being shut off completely from the outside world.