Arai Tour-X4 Vision Red
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  • Arai Tour-X4 Vision Red
  • Arai Tour-X4 Vision Red

Arai Tour-X4 Vision Red


Arai TX4 Vision, with white, red, blue and black finish, ideal for adventure, dual sport, grand touring or off road

Helmet Size: 2XLarge
  • ARAI Tour-X4

    The Tour-X 4 must be one of the most versatile helmets ever: adventure, grand touring or off road, and without the peak looks pretty good on a naked bike too! No matter the riding conditions, the Tour-X 4 is ready for it. Can be used without visor with goggles, without peak but with visor, any way that suits you. logos_image.png?v=2018-12-06-095104

    Tour-X4 Features

    Tour-X4: Ventilation Outer Shell Construction: Complex Fibre Laminate (CFL) Front Ventilation: Dual intake Front Ventilation: Standard brow vents Front Ventilation: Three position chin vent Front ventilation: Inner chin (bar) vent shutter Rear Ventilation: Neck exhaust vent Rear Ventilation: Removable diffuser Rear Ventilation: Side exhausts Aerodynamics: Pull Down Chin Spoiler Visor: Pinlock insert lens Interior: Dry-Cool® Liner Interior: Replaceable Cheek pads/Ear cups Interior: Replaceable Interior Interior: Replaceable Chinstrap covers Interior: Facial Contour System (FCS) Interior: 5mm ’’Peel Away’’ Ear cups/Cheek pads Interior: 5mm ’’Peel Away’’ Temple pad Comfort: Emergency Release System (ERS) Approval: ECE 22-05 General: Innovative peak General: Five times inspected General: Washable interior General: Handmade General: All-day comfort General: Penetration tested General: Double-D ring device General: Smooth shape, better protection General: Strong outer shell, soft inner shell General: Organic shape General: 5-year limited warranty General: Different outer shells General: Arai In-house test

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