SHELTIS weatherproof case for iPhone 5 & 5S


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R 800

With a SHELTIS weatherproof case, you can use your iPhone on your motorcycle while protecting it from the harsh environment of rain, dust and vibrations.

SHELTIS is a hard case offering access to all the smartphone functions. It includes a RAM® ball to make it an easy, reliable and safe installation on any motorcycle model. 

If navigation apps are used, the iPhone's battery will discharge after a few hours. The SHELTIS case allows for the charging cable to keep the battery charging whilst on the move.

The smartphone sits inside the case in a rubber tray, protecting it from shock and vibration.

The special protective screen cover of the SHELTIS case allows the operation of the iPhone's screen when inside the case. Note that the operation of the screen is not possible with gloves on but all buttons can be pressed from the outside of the case.

SHELTIS is supplied with a RAM-MOUNTS® ball (RAM-B-238), making it easy to integrate with RAM's robust and reliable mounting system. Just choose a suitable base and arm from RAM's product line to complete the installation. If you already have a RAM® mounting system on your bike the installation is plug and play.

To get a complete mounting system for SHELTIS, you need a base with ball and an arm. The base type depends on the motorcycle model, but is typically the RAM-B-231 for tube handlebars. There are however many other possibilities for non tube handlebar cases.