SW-MOTECH Dakar Pannier Bags Triumph 800 / 800 XC

DAKAR Panniers Set Tough Panniers Set made from high quality 1680 Ballistic-Nylon material Preformed ABS honeycomb panel on interior for a rigid form on the side...

New product

R 5,780


  • 2 DAKAR bags with 32 L volume each side
  • 2 waterproof inner bags
  • 2 bike-specific panniers

Installation instructions for panniers sets on motorcycles with large passenger grab handles

On motorcycles with prominent passenger grab handles the panniers‘ securing strap might not fit tightly over the pillion seat. Under these conditions mounting the strap over the grab handles can result in the bags not being attached perfectly. Currently this is the case with the Triumph Tiger 800. In this case for a secure mounting of the panniers set we recommend to remove the grab handles.