MC VAR 1005

Airhawk Comfort Cruiser Seat

14" Deep x 14" Wide   Our most popular model provides maximum comfort to most any street bike. Go ahead--take the scenic route.

New product

R 1,550

The AIRHAWK DRY FLOATATION motorcyle seat system is a revolutionary accessory in riding comfort. Successfully used for many years by the medical industry (wheelchair and bed ridden patients) and the aviation industry (long distance pilots) it is now available in a motorcycle configuration.

On any standard touring seat, pressure points build where you make contact with the seat, cutting off your blood supply to your buttocks and legs as well as increasing the risk of circulatory problems. No matter how soft the seat is, your weight will compress and stiffen the foam, which removes any shock absorbing benefit.

Ultimately your spine ends up becoming a shock absorber.  

With the AIRHAWK’s patented DRY FLOATATION system painful pressure and shock points are removed through the promotion of consistent blood flow for a longer more comfortable ride.

The last mile truly does feel like the first.

The remarkable difference between the AIRHAWK DRY FLOATATION system and conventional gel/memory foam seat systems can best be illustrated as follows. Imagine placing a gel pad over rough ground and then lying down on it. You would still feel the rocks and ground imperfections underneath.

However, if you were floating in a shallow swimming pool you would not feel the rocks and rough ground beneath you. Such a floating sensation is the essence of the AIRHAWK DRY FLOATATION system and is achieved via a unique handmade air cell cushion.


The cushion is made up of individual, interconnected air cells that allow air to slowly transfer from cell to cell evenly distributing body weightpressure for a custom fit to your personal contour.

Each cushion is individually handcrafted as it cannot be injection molded. The process involves repeated dipping of the waffle mould into a propriety solution followed by a combination of air and oven curing. The cells thus formed are then attached to the backing, making sure each cell remains connected to its neighbors. The process is undertaken by hand requiring 24 working hours to complete each cushion.

The entire product is manufactured in the USA to the highest of quality standards.
Fully customizable and portable, use it on any bike, for any rider. Quick and easy to remove , swop it from one bike to another in under a minute or take it with you as an auxiliary seat or camping pillow.