Suction cup with bracket (nuvi 42/44/52/54/55/56/2400/2500 Series)

Access your compatible device for easier navigation with this adjustable suction cup mount. Adheres to your windshield or any smooth, flat surface. Includes suction...

New product

R 409

Compatible Devices:

dēzl™ 570LMT
FMI 25 Cable
Garmin babyCam™ Bundle
Garmin Drive™ 50
Garmin Drive™ 50LM
Garmin Drive™ 50LMT
Garmin DriveSmart™ 50LMT
nüvi® 2457LMT
nüvi® 2497LMT
nüvi® 2539LMT
nüvi® 2557LMT
nüvi® 2558LMTHD
nüvi® 2559LMT
nüvi® 2577LT
nüvi® 2589LMT
nüvi® 2597LMT
nüvi® 2598LMTHD
nüvi® 2599LMTHD
nüvi® 42
nüvi® 42LM
nüvi® 44
nüvi® 44LM
nüvi® 52
nüvi® 52LM
nüvi® 54
nüvi® 54LM
nüvi® 55
nüvi® 55LM
nüvi® 55LMT
nüvi® 56
nüvi® 56LM
nüvi® 56LMT
nüvi® 57
nüvi® 57LM
nüvi® 57LMT
nüvi® 58
nüvi® 58LM
nüvi® 58LMT