Auto friction kit
  • Auto friction kit

Auto friction kit for eTrex, GPSMAP, Oregon, Rino, Astro, Alpha and Dakota


Mount your device on your dashboard for easier navigation as you drive your vehicle with this portable friction mount.

  • Compatible Devices:
    Dakota® 10
    Dakota® 20
    eTrex® 10
    eTrex® 10 Geocaching Bundle
    eTrex® 20
    eTrex® 30
    GPSMAP® 62
    GPSMAP® 62s
    GPSMAP® 62sc
    GPSMAP® 62st
    GPSMAP® 62stc
    GPSMAP® 64
    GPSMAP® 64s
    GPSMAP® 64st
    Oregon® 450
    Oregon® 450t
    Oregon® 550
    Oregon® 550t
    Oregon® 600
    Oregon® 600t
    Oregon® 650
    Oregon® 650t
    Rino® 610
    Rino® 650
    Rino® 655t

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