H7 X-treme Vision 12V 55W Single

Philips X-treme Vision H7 12V 55W Blister + 100% more light

New product

R 370

Brand new H7 headlight upgrade bulbs from Philips: the Philips X-Treme Vision +100%. It produces up to 100% more light comparing to standard halogen headlight bulbs. It is suitable for all vehicles (such as cars, vans, motorcycles) with 12v systems and it works as dipped and main headlights.

The fully legal lamps, which are suitable for use in plastic lenses are the best solution for people that spend a lot of time driving at night, in the countryside and in poor conditions. While used in motorbikes with single front lamps, for they produce the same amount of light as two regular headlights. The brighter, whiter light generated by the lamps, provides an increased visibility of your vehicle to pedestrians and other road users

The improvement in performance is achieved through a brand new filament design, optimal geometry, a quartz burner and high pressure gas filling the inside of the bulb in order to deliver maximum light output, as well as to provide longer life expectancy. The result of this innovation is safer night time driving achieved through increased  visible distance.