ZTechnik Vstream 650/800GS Medium Screen

Ztechnic Vstream 650/800GS Medium Screen

New product

R 3,180

BMW F800/650GS 2008+

The standard (stock) screen for the F800GS is 25.4 cm high, while the standard factory fitted screen for the F650GS Twin is a mere 17.78 cm. The VStream® screens is significantly higher.

The touring version of the new F800GS/F650GS VStream® windscreens is available in the following size:

  • Medium (45.7cm height)

It is recommended that you fit mirror extenders when you fit the medium touring screen to your F800GS/F650GS Twin. The extenders ensure that your mirrors do not touch your new bigger screen when your handlebars are in full-lock position.