Alpine FlyFit Earplugs

The special acoustic filters incorporated in the FlyFlit provide protection against excessive ambient noise. During a flight, it also regulates the irritating pressure...

New product

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Every year millions of people fly all over the world. Many of them are troubled by an uncomfortable pressure or pain in their ears during the ascent and descent of the plane. The monotonous drone of the plane and the noise of fellow passenger are also experienced as irritating and tiring. Alpine has developed the ideal ear plugs for such situations: The FlyFit.

High comfort
AlpineThermoShapeFlyFit earplugs are made from a soft thermoplastic material. The warmth of the ear causes the earplugs to adapt to the shape of the ear. This makes them very comfortable to wear. Moreover, the earplugs are barely visible in the ear.

Duration of use

The lifespan of FlyFit™ earplugs depends on the frequency of use. Keeping the earplugs clean prolongs the lifespan.

Product features

  • Eliminates irritation from pressure differences in the ear
  • Very comfortable to wear thanks to thermoplastic material
  • Special filters prevent isolated sensation
  • Good speech intelligibility
  • Easy to put in, fits every ear
  • Can also be used when travelling by car, train, bus, etc.
  • Highly durable