MC NN 1004

No Noise Ear Plugs - Shooting

Precision noise filtration Reduces gun blast noise Conversation & nature sound clearly audible Supports shooting safety

New product

R 300

Ideal protection for shooting activities


Why do I need NoNoise Hearing Protectors?

Shooting activities can produce noises levels up to 150dB. Permanent hearing damage can occur from 85dB so it is essential always to use hearing protection.


Why are these Hearing Protectors different?

Developed over 20 years by leading audiology experts, NoNoise SHOOT Hearing Protectors are superior to traditional foam, wax or silicone earplugs.

Precision-tuned, patented ceramic sound filters ensure maximum protection from shooting and other extreme noise activities like fireworks, yet allow you to listen clearly to surrounding conversation without a muffled effect.

Comfortable and suitable for all ages.