Jim von Baden DVD 1200

Jim von Baden DVD 1200

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The DVD was designed around the R1200 series BMW from 04-06. It is still technically accurate for up to the 09 R1200GS and 2010 R1200RT/ST/R/S. The Brakes on the newer bikes bleed slightly differently, and the Final Drive fluid change is slightly different. You will likely be able to figure out the differences, but there are tutorials in the updates section of my site to cover these differences. There are also tutorials on removing the body panels on the R1200RT/R in the Updates section.

1.Removing Gas Tank (R1200GS, others similar)
2.Changing the Oil
3.Replace the Transmission Fluid
4.Changing the Final Drive
5.Valve Adjustment
(See update in the Corrections section)
6.Air Filter Change
7.Replace Alternator Belt
8.Brake Bleeding, servo-ABS system
9.Fuel Tank Install
10.Fault Code Read
11.Throttle Body Sync
12.Miscellaneous Checks