Wunderlich SwitchGuard - R1200GS LC, R1200 Adventure LC, R1200R LC, R1200RS LC

Wunderlich SwitchGuard (Side stand guard)

New product

R 1,350

Avoid injector damage which could be fatal !

The interrupt switch for the ignition is mounted on the pivot point of the side stand and it is in a very exposed position and now we can provide reliable protection for the side stand safety switch. 
This essential electronic device can be easily damaged by a collision with an obstacle, resulting in an engine shut down or your bike unable to be started. The SwitchGuard can eliminate your concerns and keep you and your bike moving forward.

The SwitchGuard is made of hard anodized aluminum and it securely attaches to the frame at two points. 

Made in Germany. 


R1200GS LC 2013 onwards
R1200 Adventure LC
R1200R LC
R1200RS LC