Wunderlich screen reinforcement II - BMW R1200GS LC / Adventure- black

When riding on bumpy roads or offroad, it reveals that the original screen bracket is not that tight and the screen clatters loudly.  

New product

R 750

75On bumpy roads or off roads the original screen brackets make the screen rattling quite loudly.

The facts:

  • Additional bracket to stabilise the screen.
  • Eliminates vibrations and rattling noises.
  • Protects original rods from tearing off.
  • Optional cross strut for though use and/or large screen (Adventure original or large accessory screen). Also suitable for original navigation bracket. A holder for original navigation or any other device is available as an alternative for the cross strut. 
  • No reduction of adjusting radius (additional holder moves together with the screen in same circle arc).
  • Securing against loss with a locking bolt.
  • Plastic coated.
  • Adjustable also with the turn knob. If the screen still rattles, just close the knob further.
  • Protects the adjusting mechanismus and the screen (vibration cracks).
  • Easy mounting.
  • 5 years of guarantee.

Any R 1200 GS LC and Adventure LC with original or accessory screen

Screen reinforcement: 
Eliminates rattling and vibration noises on the road and protects the original rod from tearing off. 

Optional additional reinforcement (see accessories):
cross strut for tough use and/or large screen (for example Adventure original or large accessory screen). Also suitable with original navigation holder. Optionally for the cross strut are available a bracket and a socket holder for the original navigation or any other device.

Wunderlich Screen -reinforcement

Wunderlich Screen -reinforcement

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