Wild at Heart Bash Plate - BMW F800GS / F650GS (Twin)

The Bash Plate will protect the sump of the motorcycle in the event of hitting a rock or log on your adventure outride. The bash plate also protects the catalytic...

New product

R 3,550

Why fit the Wild@Heart Bash Plate?

  • Quality anodised and gun coated bash plate which compliments the F650/800GS.
  • Manufactured from 5mm aluminium which is much stronger and thicker than most other after-market bash plates.
  • Longer to the back and therefore covers the catalytic converter of the exhaust as well. The bash plate has an additional support bracket at the back to strengthen the rear.
  • The opening at the left hand side of the Bash Plate allows for the oil to be changed without the need to remove the bash plate.