Pencil Tyre Gauge (0 - 3.5 Bar)
  • Pencil Tyre Gauge (0 - 3.5 Bar)

Pencil Tyre Gauge (0 - 3.5 Bar)


The Desert Fox  Brass Motorcycle Tyre  Pressure Gauge is pocket-sized and robust, providing an accurate measurement of your tyre pressure from 0-3.5 Bar.

  • The Desert Fox Dual Chuck Tyre Pressure Gauge has been designed to be robust, enabling it to be carried with you, wherever the trail may take you.

    Attention to detail includes a self-adjusting friction device which enables the pressure to be read when the tyre pressure gauge is removed from the tyre valve.

    Accuracy is also enhanced with an integrated positive sealing washer.

    Light weight and portable, dual chuck head design.
    Clear, large easy to read meter ranging between 0-3,5 BAR.
    Quick and accurate method of checking tyre pressures.
    Chrome Plated brass housing deigned to go the distance.
    Offset Head Reaches Valve Stem in all positions.
    Designed for motorcycles but also suitable for cars, trucks, and bicycles.
    Pocket-sized pressure gauge that provides a quick, simple method of checking tyre pressure to improve fuel consumption, safety and avoid premature tyre wear.

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