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GS911 Wifi Professional

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GS-911 Wifi Professional - The Professional version can service an unlimited number of supported motorcycles.

Now with Android & iOS (iPhone & iPad) support

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    GS-911wifi, is the new generation diagnostic tool for BMW motorcycles. It is compatible with the latest Generation of K001 chassis BMW motorcycles (K1600GT/GTL, R1200GS LC, R1200GS Adv ALC, R1200RT LC, S1000R, C-evolution etc.). This product is also backward compatible and supports ALL the previous models of BMW motorcycles that have the round 10pin diagnostic connector. The latest GS-911wifi product release features a built in OBD-II connector.



    * motorcycle image borrowed from BMW Press Images

    As with our previous generations, the GS-911 functionality is broken down into Emergency and Service functionality.

    The Windows PC software can be connected through USB or wifi and has the complete functionality.  When on the road, you can connect your mobile device using wifi (the GS-911 has a Soft Access point to which any device can connect for when you are not in reach of your home/office/garage Wifi network).  

    For the first time the GS-911 now also supports iOS mobile devices.



     Your GS-911wifi functionality


    emergency_icon.png EMERGENCY functionality is embedded in the GS-911wifi unit. It lets the user view ECU information, Read & Clear Fault codes on ALL control units, and view Real-time Live sensor data for ALL engine control units. Any device with a Browser and Wifi are supported
    service_icon.png SERVICE functionality includes the ability to reset Service Reminders, do Output Function Tests, Calibrations, ABS Bleed Tests, Clear & Relearn Adaptations and much more. Available with the Windows PC app.
    cloud_icon.png CLOUD functionality enables a mobile device (or laptop) with an html 5 compliant browser that is connected to the HEX CLOUD server through the internet, to have access to the Service functionality that was previously only available in the Windows PC application.



    Connecting to your GS-911wifi


    Your GS-911wifi comes with both USB and Wifi.  The GS-911 Windows PC software can be used over either the USB or Wifi connection.  The Windows PC software has the the full functionality for every model that is supported by GS-911.



    If you are on the road, no where near your home/office/garage wifi, you can connect your mobile device (could be any phone, tablet, iPad etc.), to your GS-911wifi device, using the GS-911's built in soft Access Point, or as we refer to it "Device-to-Device" (D2D) mode.  Simply scan for a wifi network that starts with GS-911... and connect to it - it's that simple!


    Note: When using D2D mode you only have access to the embedded EMERGENCY Functionality - see above definitions.


    Using any device with a html 5 browser and wifi (Android phone/tablet, iPhone/iPad, MAC, etc.), that also has internet access, you are able to connect to the HEX CLOUD.  This gives you SERVICE functionality that was previously limited to the Windows PC version.  Be sure to keep an eye on this evolving functionality!


    where:  PC.jpgWindows PC/Laptop,   Infrastructure.jpgWifi Router/AccessPoint,   MobileDevice.jpgAny device with a Browser and Wifi






    GS-911 Windows PC software

    GS-911wifi mobile app (iOS and Android)

    On-board GS-911wifi web interface (using any HTML5 web browser)
    On-Board File Storage 4GB, 8GB or 16GB
    Connection USB or WiFi
    USB Connector B-Type (cable supplied)
    Power Supply USB and/or 12V from 10-pin connector/ J1962 (OBD-II) connector
    WiFi Compatibility 802.11b/g 2.4GHz channels 1 to 11
    WiFi Range Within the same room (less than 10 meter)
    WiFi Modes Infrastructure and D2D SoftAP (channel 6)
    WiFi Security Options None/WEP/WPA/WPA2


    Bike models covered by the GS-911wifi interface


    For the latest model coverage, refer to the Function Chart, since new models are added continuously.


    The GS-911wifi covers ALL the same models covered by the first generation GS-911usb.


    Additionally, the following models are also covered by the GS-911wifi:


    Model Model nr From year To year
    K001 R-Series:
    R nineT K21 2017 present
    R nineT Pure K22 2017 present
    R nineT Scrambler K23 2016 present
    R nineT Racer K32 2017 present
    R nineT Urban G/S K33 2017 present
    R1200GS LC K50 2012 present
    R1200GS LC Adventure K51 2013 present
    R1200RT LC K52 2014 present
    R1200R LC K53 2014 present
    R1200RS LC K54 2014 present
    K001 K-Series:
    K1600GT K48 2011 present
    K1600GTL K48 2011 present
    K1600GTL Exclusive K48 2014 present
    K1600 Bagger K61 2017 present
    K001 S-Series:
    S1000RR K46 2015 present
    S1000R K47 2013 present
    S1000XR K49 2014 present
    Husqvarna Series:
    Nuda 900 H91 2011 2014
    Nuda 900 R H91 2011 2014
    TR650 Strada H61 2012 2014
    TR650 Terra H61 2012 2014



    Bike models not covered yet


    We are currently implementing support for most of these models. See the roadmap for details.


    KE01 C-Series:

    Model Model nr From year To year
    C Evolution K17 2013 present


    EU-4 compliant models:

    Model Model nr From year To year
    EU4 F-Series:
    F800GS K75 2016 present
    F800GS Adventure K75 2016 present
    F800R K73 2017 present
    F800GT K71 2017 present
    F700GS K70 2017 present
    EU4 C-Series:
    C650 Sport K18 2016 present
    C650GT K19 2016 present
    EU4 G-Series:
    G310R K03 2016 present
    G310GS K03 2017 present



    More information


    View instructions to configure the GS-911wifi.

    Here are some reviews of GS-911.

    More questions? Have a look at the Function Chart and the GS-911wifi FAQ.


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