Turkana MadMules Rackless Saddle Bag System
  • Turkana MadMules Rackless Saddle Bag System
  • Turkana MadMules Rackless Saddle Bag System

Turkana MadMules Rackless Saddle Bag System

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Turkana MadMule Rackless Saddlebags

Base Sold Separately 

Select between 5L - 10L - 15L - 20L Bag Options

(Price is for each - not sold as a Set)

Volume Size: 5L
  • Turkana’s, MadMules™ innovative rackless panniers fits the majority of Adventure/Enduro bikes, even Superbikes and long distance motorcycle tourers. Probably the most versatile, adaptable, configurable, modular motorcycle rackless saddlebag luggage design.

    MadMules was designed with darn tough and rough off-road advenduro riding. From weekend excursions, ultra-light hotel stay and international fly-to-ride trips in mind to multi month overland expeditions. A major benefit is the MadMules does not require side pannier racks which add weight, width and bulk to a motorbike. The MadMules™ allows for individual preference riding style, carrying the weight as low and close as possible on the motorcycle.

    Fits Any Bike - Adventure, Off-Road, Superbike

    100% Waterproof Luggage

    Removable Inner Bag Included in each Bag

    Modular Size Packing Options

    Add Universal Pouches

    Quick Remove & Fit

    No Racks Needed!!

    MadMules™ Rackless Base includes:

    Turkana MadMules™ Base complete – Left and right leg & Top sandwich base

    2 x Extra-long Tie-Down Compression Straps (130cm) over the seat or to be used to secure the top Sandwich Base

    1 x Tail strap

    2 x Stainless steel cleats

    Protective film

    Trek Bags each includes:

    1 x Roll top waterproof/dust-proof removable inner.

    5L – 1x compression strap.

    10L, 15L, 20L each 2x compression straps.

    5L - Width: 10cm x Length: 21cm x Height: 24cm, Rolltop Height: 20cm

    10L - Width: 15cm x Length: 22cm x Height: 32cm, Rolltop Height: 20cm

    15L - Width: 17cm x Length: 24cm x Height: 36cm, Rolltop Height: 22cm

    20L - Width: 17cm x Length: 28cm x Height: 42cm, Rolltop Height: 22cm


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