Quick-Lock Evo Carrier KTM 1190
  • Quick-Lock Evo Carrier KTM 1190
  • Quick-Lock Evo Carrier KTM 1190
  • Quick-Lock Evo Carrier KTM 1190

SW-MOTECH Quick-Lock Evo Carrier KTM 1050 / 1090 / 1190 / 1290


QUICK-LOCK EVO Side Carrier- the invention by SW-MOTECH

    • Removable side carrier to use with almost every established motorcycle case
    • To mount and demount within seconds at barely visible fixing lugs, due to quick fasteners
    • Adaptable to TraX ®, Givi/Kappa, Krauser, Hepco & Becker and Shad cases by seperately available SW-MOTECH Side Carrier Adapter Kits
    • Made of oval tube, carefully constructed position close to the motorcycle
    • Highly functional and firm
    • Black powder-coated surface
    • Overall width Side Carrier (without Side cases): 590 mm


    • QUICK-LOCK EVO Side Carrier
    • Mounting material
    • Mounting instructions


    • To use singly or in combination with
      • ALU-RACK GPT.04.790.15000/B
      • STEEL-RACK GPT.04.790.20000/B
    • We advise the anti-theft protection QLS.00.046.10100/B
    • Please note that one adapter kit is necessary! (Listed under Accessories)
    KFT.04.333.30001/B 0