Crash Bars Uppers Orange KTM 1090 / 1290 Adventure
  • Crash Bars Uppers Orange KTM 1090 / 1290 Adventure

SW-Motech Crash Bars Uppers Orange KTM 1090 / 1290 Adventure

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Upper crash bar for original KTM crash bar. Orange. 1290 SAdv R / S (16-), 1090 Adv (16-).

  • This rugged upper crash bar protects tank and fairing of the KTM 1290 Super Adventure R as well for 1290 Super Adventure S and 1090 Adventure (16-) from scratches and damage in case of an accident, helping to avoid costly repairs. The tough steel construction can easily be mounted to the motorcycles original crash bar. Impact resilient CNC machine milled fastenings, integrated into the steel tubing geometry, provide a safe fit. Rubber inserts reduce vehicle vibrations. The upper crash bar is available in black or orange color, matching the tone of the original crash bar. High grade powder coating provides protection against corrosion.


    • Upper crash bar, made from steel
    • For exclusive use together with original KTM engine guards.
    • Reliable protection for tank and fairing
    • Tube diameter of 21.3 mm
    • Wall thickness of 2.5 mm
    • Durable CNC machine milled steel fastenings
    • Available in black or orange, matching the original crash bar color tone
    • High grade powder coating prevents corrosion
    • Easy installation


    • 2 Upper crash bars
    • Mounting material
    • Mounting instructions