MC LIG 1004

RAPTOR LED Spot Light Kit

 High power Cree LED spot lights with a light output of over 1000 Lumens. The kit includes 2 x LED Spotlights, wiring harness and handlebar switch.

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LED spot lights represent the pinnacle of current light technology. Their light output is unrivalled relative to the units size and low power consumption. Consuming a meager 10 watts per unit the new Raptors produce an outstanding bright output of pure white light equivalent to a 100W halogen unit! All this is achieved by using only the highest quality components including industry leading Cree LED’s and a robust laser cut lens. Furthermore these units have been designed specifically for motorcycle use.  


 • A proprietary reflector technology that provides the ultimate focus for long 

  range light projection. 

• All circuitry is shock resistant and resin encased, important for motorcycle use.

• Weather proof connectors , silicone wiring and stainless steel fittings.

• Rugged aluminum housing for optimal durability and heat dissipation.

• High power Cree Led with a light output of over 1000 Lumens

• Consumes only 10W of power, the lowest of any unit

• Reverse voltage protected

• Thermal protected

• Extremely robust laser cut lens with a light transmittance of greater  than 93%

• A kit comprises 2 spotlights, full wiring harness including inline fuse and relay
   and a waterproof handle bar switch which enables you to operate the system  
   without removing your hand from the handle bar.

• Plug and play. No cutting of existing wiring is required. Simply connect to your

  battery with the supplied wiring kit.

• Service life of 50 000 hours with no filaments for total peace of mind.

• Full range of model specific mounts available

There are most certainly cheaper LED alternatives. These cost less as a result of their components, performance and will be a disappointment, assuming that they can withstand the rigors of motorcycle use.  



          LED spot lights only (no headlamp) with subject at a distance of 30M



Motorcycle headlamp only (no LED spot lights) with subject at a distance of 30M