AC Adapter with EU and UK Plugs

Recharge your handheld device at home or away with this AC adapter. Simply plug the adapter into a wall outlet and connect the other end to your device (does not...

New product

R 299

Compatible Devices:
Approach® G3, North and Latin America
Approach® G5, North and Latin America
Approach® G6
Approach® G7
Approach® S1
Approach® S2
Approach® S3
Approach® S4
Edge® 200
Edge® 205
Edge® 305
Edge® 500
Edge® 510
Edge® 605
Edge® 705
Edge® 800
Edge® 810
Edge® Touring
Edge® Touring Plus
Forerunner® 110
Forerunner® 205
Forerunner® 210
Forerunner® 220
Forerunner® 301
Forerunner® 305
Forerunner® 310XT
Forerunner® 405
Forerunner® 405CX
Forerunner® 410
Forerunner® 610
Forerunner® 620
Forerunner® 910XT
Oregon® 600
Oregon® 600t
Oregon® 650
Oregon® 650t