Wild@Heart Air-it 15 Compressor

Want a small compressor to take with on your motorcycle trips?  The Air-it15 is is just the product you need. Small, compact and VERY powerful. Excellent value for...

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Technical Details

    Voltage: DC 12 Volt  
    Power Input: 180 Watts  
    On Board Power Supply Fuse: 15 Amps
    Pressure gauge integrated into flexible 500mm long hose with Bar and PSI readings
    Combined male plug for cigarette lighters or Hella female plugs
    Die-cast aluminium compressor
    Plastic Compressor housing (70mm x 170mm x 150mm)
    Maximum capacity: 6 Bar
    Maximum continuous running time: 8 minutes
    Weight: 1.2 Kg
    This compressor was developed and precision made in Germany.  

Please note: The new Air-it15 Compressors only feature a Cigarette Lighter Connection and not the Dual Connector.
Not only for motorbikes, also suitable for motor vehicles.

The Air-it15 Compressor will not operate through the standard socket fitted on the new generation CAN-Bus system motorcycles e.g. BMW R1200GS / F800GS etc.

(The CAN-Bus is a two wire bus used to allow communication between power train related components and systems.  The CAN-Bus is programmed to handle a maximum load of 5 Amps.)

This means that any appliance which is plugged into the standard Hella socket will not work if it draws more than 5 Amps. The Air-it15 Compressor draws on average 10 Amps.
To run the Air-it15 Compressor from the motorcycle you have two options:

    Run the compressor directly from the battery using crocodile clips.
    Install an additional socket on the motorcycle e.g. 12V Kit with a 15 AMP fuse, which is directly connected to the battery and run the compressor from that socket.